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Join the TRIbe! Forest Garden Friends & Volunteer Kick-off!
Mar 7 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Join the TRIbe!

This is the welcome session for our Forest Garden Friends and ANY volunteers who are willing to help us TRI to build resilient community!  We will outline our service projects and volunteer opportunities we have for the upcoming year.  Light snacks provided – feel free to bring something to share!

We have lots of fun and learning opportunities planned:  Planting, Pruning, Picnicking, Pest controlling and MORE!  We will learn some skills, share our surplus and grow food security – all great things to build our personal and community resilience!

Tentative dates:

3/7:  12:30 Farm:  VOLUNTEER WELCOME

4/11:  12:30 Farm: Pruning & Tool sharpening 

4/25: 9:00 – Ferry Forest Garden:  Plant & Propagate & Select & Willow Structure 

5/2: 12:30 – Farm:  Annual Veggies/possible TCF FTG

6/13: 1:00 – Ferry:  Herb Garden

7/11: 12:30 – Forest Garden Fun! Picnic, harvest, enjoy

7/13:  7:00 PM – Farm: Garden Mistakes

8/10: 7:00 PM – Farm: Garden Pests & Diseases

9/12: 12:30 – Farm: Soil Building & Composting (Outside)

10/10: 12:30 – Farm: Mulching & WinterizationTuesdays at 9am

This is a great opportunity to connect with other like-minded people and create the community we need to build a better world!