Be a Part of the New Food System

Planting a fruit tree guild in your home landscape, at your business, child's school, church, or community garden, is one way you can grow food security, reconnect to nature, reconnect to where your food comes from, and support a new food system.

As a permaculture organization we adhere to the ethics of care of earth, care of people and fair share which is why we are devoted to encouraging the development of a new food system that follows permaculture ethics and principles. We can feed all people within a community with nourishing, fresh, diverse food. We can grow our local economy, too, by providing local business opportunities for designers, growers, foragers, processors, and vendors.


It all begins with a Fruit Tree Guild

Pesticide LawnNow that the weather is warming up people are coming out of hibernation and beginning to spruce up their landscapes, mow lawns, fertilize, and start their annual vegetable gardens. Have you ever thought about our societies addiction to lawn and yard work?  Maybe not, because a lot of marketing goes into maintaining this status quo and encouraging you to keep the $74 billion lawn care industry funded.  Of course this addiction is also keeping the oil, natural gas, chemical, and manufacturing companies in business.


Forest GardenThere are a lot of statistics out there from the EPA and other environmental groups about our societies lawn problem, but what solutions are being offered beyond using resources more responsibly?  Well, we have a solution for you, plant an edible forest garden!

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