Edible Forest Garden Dedication May 7th

The Resiliency Institute invites you to join us in CELEBRATING the dedication of the Whole Foods Market Edible Forest Garden, the FIRST public forest garden and Growing Food Security project in Naperville!

Come out to the dedication on May 7th of the Whole Foods Market Edible Forest Garden and take a tour where you can learn how to begin incorporating permaculture design into your own life and landscape. Meet the many volunteers, boy scouts, organizations and businesses who made this project possible and join us in extending our appreciation. Buy some plants to begin transforming your own landscape and sample some wild edible treats. Everyone is invited to attend to see what the power of community can build!

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WFMEFG_2015On the tour of the Whole Foods Market Edible Forest Garden, we will explain permaculture ethics, principles, techniques & strategies that are used when designing and installing an edible forest garden. Come to see and learn about the many edible trees, shrubs and perennial plants; swales, hugulkultur beds, herb spiral, keyhole raised bed, rain garden, bridges, bird houses, and sign all planted & built by volunteers! Participate in planting seeds throughout the garden.

Hill Suburban Permaculture Garden_serviceberriesEAT TREATS!

Enjoy some tasty treats made from edible wild plants that can be found in the Whole Foods Market Edible Forest Garden, our yards, and parks.



PLANT SALE!Russian comfrey plants

It’s time to grow your own permaculture landscape with plants from The Resiliency Institute, Forest Agriculture Enterprises, The Conservation Foundation and Green Earth Institute.


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This event is FREE. All ages welcome.

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This is a project of The Resiliency Institute and was made possible with the support of Whole Foods Market Naperville, The Conservation Foundation, volunteers, boy scouts, and local businesses.