Permaculture Plant & Fruit Tree Guild Pre-Sale

March 17, 2018 all-day
The Resiliency Institute
10S404 Knoch Knolls Rd
Naperville, IL 60565
Jodi Trendler

Support Growing Food Security with your purchase of
permaculture plants and fruit tree guilds!

Permaculture plants include a variety of native and non-native perennial (mostly woody) plants that provide yields for people, wildlife, and earth. A fruit tree guild is a permaculture design that combines a fruit tree with companion plants to yield an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs in a small space with minimal maintenance.

Permaculture plants and professionally designed fruit tree guilds are available for online ordering until March 17th. Fruit Tree Guilds come with a professional design, plant by numbers labeled plan with plant descriptions, planting guide, and all of the plants!

Purchase a fruit tree guild for your home, business, church, school, community garden or another public space to demonstrate your support for growing food security and building resilient communities.

Permaculture plants will also be available for sale at our Plant Sale on May 12th from 9 am - 1 pm at The Resiliency Institute.


TRI Growing Food Security LogoThis is a FUNDRAISER!

Plant sale proceeds will fund our Growing Food Security program which designs and installs edible forest gardens and fruit tree guilds on public land to provide free access to fresh, nutritious food. Our projects currently include 2 edible forest gardens, 1 fruit tree guild, and 5 more guilds being installed this year!

Planting a fruit tree guild at your home, business, church, school, community garden or another public space is how you can demonstrate your support for growing food security and building resilient communities.



Permaculture plants include a variety of native and non-native perennial (mostly woody) plants that provide yields for people, wildlife, and earth. Growing a fruit tree with companion plants minimizes maintenance, increases nutrition, and manages diseases and pests naturally.

Visit the Missouri Botanical Gardens Plant Finder and Plants for a Future to find plant information

Designed and ready for ordering!

Fruit Tree Guild orders include:

  • a professional permaculture design
  • a plant by number labeled plan with an explanation of plant functions
  • planting guide
  • and all of the plants!

Buy - Plant - Water - Done!

Make a down payment on your guild by March 17th, and we'll have it ready for you to pick up on May 12th with the remainder of your payment. Fruit tree guilds must be ordered in advance by March 17th.

Fruit trees are bare root and 3-4' tall. Shrubs, herbaceous, and ground cover plants will vary in size from 3" pots to 3 gallon pots. Be ready to plant these guilds within 24 hours of purchase for best viability. Fruit trees grow and produce best in full sunlight (6-8+ hrs/day) with well drained soil, but some will grow well in partial shade (4-6 hrs/day). Observe your location to find the best guild for your sunlight and soil conditions.


TRI Cherry-fruit-tree-guild



Cherry Berry Currant Guild    $470

A delicious blend of sweet and tart fruit filled with colorful blooms and edibles from spring through summer. This is a berry packed guild, perfect for making jams, jellies, muffins and cordials!

61 plants
19 varieties
160 square feet
Full sun

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Peach Honeyberry Guild    $340

Delight in the flavor of freshly picked fully ripe juicy peaches. You'll never want to eat one from a grocery store again. Honeyberries are a delicious way to welcome spring. These oblong blue berries arrive in late May or early June before strawberries (this guild has those too). Eat your sorrel greens and top with a chive, lemon thyme dressing.

63 plants
14 varieties
79 square feet
Full sun

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Paw Paw-Serviceberry-Aronia_Guild-TRI
Paw Paw Serviceberry Guild   $545

Have you ever tasted vanilla mango custard from a tree? Plant this guild and get your spoon ready. Serviceberries are easy and beautiful landscape shrubs that produce almond flavored berries, a lot like blueberries without all of the work. These berries make great jams, can be frozen for baked goods and smoothies. Plenty of interesting plants in this guild to delight your senses.

60 plants
18 varieties
135 square feet
Partial Sun - Full Sun

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Pear Berry Tea Guild       $525

Berries from May through August, Asian pears in fall with teas to cool your summers and warm your winters. Asian pears are easier to grow with fewer pest and diseases than European pears. The fruits are also great keepers for months of fall enjoyment.

75 plants
18 varieties
113 square feet
Full Sun

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Plum Paw Paw Guild
Plum Paw Paw Guild       $420

Two plum trees, a paw paw tree and four berry bushes equals delicious! Plum trees in bloom are so beautiful and the aroma is intoxicating. Check out the interesting layout that will add curb appeal to any landscape.

51 plants
17 varieties
190 square feet
Partial Sun - Full Sun

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Medicinal Garden Guild_TRI

Medicinal Herb Garden Guild     $250

Brighten your landscape with this beautiful guild filled with nourishing and healing plants. Dis-ease will be replaced with harmony as you enjoy homemade teas, infusions, vinegars, tinctures and tasty herb enhanced dishes.

33 plants
13 varieties
90 square feet
Full Sun

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Sunny Tea Garden-Guild-TRI

Sunny Spot Tea Garden Guild     $220

Grow delicious nourishing tea combinations from this garden full of tasty and aromatic herbs. So many combinations to enjoy hot or cold. Sip tea while gazing at the bountiful blooms and busy pollinators. This guild can also be planted around an existing fruit tree.

27 plants
10 varieties
40 square feet
Full Sun

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Spicebush Aronia Fedge_2018

Spicebush Aronia Fedge     $510

Grow a fence and eat it too! This berrilicious fedge includes super nutritious aronia berries, thornless raspberries and strawberries, plus your own locally grown spicebush berries for tea and seasonings. Make salads and your own dressing, plus teas and medicine. A beautiful growing fence that adds beauty, food, and habitat for wildlife and pollinators.

65 plants
10 varieties
180 square feet
Full Sun

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