Forest Yoga Nature Rx – SUMMER (7/25)

Shinrin-yoku nature connect therapyRejuvenate yourself with forest yoga walks by stepping outside and away from electronics to connect with nature, quiet the mind, and reduce stress. Walks will begin with a brief ecological overview of the area, continue with invitations to deepen connection to nature and self, then conclude with a tea ceremony of locally harvested plants. We’ll focus on energy exchange with the natural world, discover our place within it, and foster an appreciation for all that nature provides.

During each walk we will pause to tune the body with yoga postures. The walks will be gentle and suitable for all levels. These walks are scheduled to follow the seasonal blooming of native plants.

To fully enjoy your forest yoga walk, please come prepared with:

  • Sturdy hiking shoes. The walk will be slow paced, but best to be prepared for various terrain
  • Dress appropriately for outdoor conditions such as sun, insects, rain, temperature.  We will practice rain or shine.
  • Yoga Mat – If you don’t have one, a beach towel or other full body-length ground cover will be sufficient. A couple of extra mats will be on hand, but not enough for everyone.
  • Water
  • Most locations have bathrooms. Please plan to use the bathroom before the walk begins.
  • Leave cell phones at home or in your car. The instructor has a phone for emergencies. This is a time to disconnect. If you need the security, then you’ll be asked to turn it off during the walk.

Please complete our participant release form and email or bring with you on the event date.


July 25 (Spears Woods – Willow Springs):  Single – $30; Bring a friend for $20

*Your enrollment makes our Growing Food Security programs possible – THANK YOU!

Sat, July 25, 2020 09:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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