Growing Food Security in Your Community!

The Resiliency Institute is growing food security and community resilience through the establishment of edible forest gardens. We are teaching people how to replace resource intensive lawns with permaculture edible forest gardens to restore ecosystems, grow food for people and animals, and create nourishing community spaces that build resilience.

Whole Foods Market Edible Forest Garden
The FIRST edible forest garden in Naperville!
A permaculture demonstration for how suburban yards can be transformed into edible forest gardens. Located at The Resiliency Institute on The Conservation Foundation's McDonald Farm.


Ferry Forest Garden
A demonstration for how communities can replace right-of-way lawns with productive permaculture forest gardens, creating a public park to grow food security and regenerate ecosystems



Growing Food Security Garden
Empowering communities to grow food security to reduce reliance on hunger relief organizations.
Donated to The Northern Illinois Food Bank in fall of 2014.


Naperville Park District Fruit Tree Guild
Fruit tree guilds are the building blocks for an edible forest garden and a great way to begin transitioning lawn into a permaculture forest garden. Volunteers planted this guild at the Ron Ory Community Gardens in Naperville during Earth Week 2018. 


Naperville Municipal Center Fruit Tree Guild
The City of Naperville embraces growing food security with a fruit tree guild at the entrance of the municipal center.


Planted during Earth Week 2018 by volunteers, this young guild will be bearing fruit in a couple of years!

growing food security edible forest gardens

The Resiliency Institute offers food forest design and installation consultation to non-profit organizations and private businesses with land and public access.  Designing an edible forest garden is unlike any other landscape service and involves goal creation, community building, and a commitment to creating and maintaining an enduring, productive ecosystem. Contact us!

NCTV17 Growing an Edible Garden April 27, 2018

For those of you ready to add a little permaculture into your lives, we recommend planting a fruit tree guild. A fruit tree guild is the building block of an edible forest garden and can be planted in as little as a 12' x 12' space. A fruit tree guild supplies you with local, organic, nutrient dense food right at your doorstep. You'll be building personal resilience as you gain new knowledge and skills, and develop experience growing edible plants, while doing your part to grow food security.