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Thanks from Pottawatomi Garden Club

Thank you guys so much!! We have had so much positive feedback from our members. They really enjoyed Ellyn's herbal presentation, and found the information very useful. Looking forward to working with you both again.
- Susan Bortko

Soap Making

Thank you so much for the wonderful class yesterday! It was awesome and wonderful to see how easy soap making can be. I'm excited to try out making my own soaps and I feel way more confident now!
- Jerilyn Weisbeck

Wonderfully Unique Classes

I found your persimmons class wonderfully unique with educational components on several levels together with whimsy and community-building. What a great way to spend an afternoon.
- Jan Wencel


Dave was an absolute wealth of interesting info! Who knew there was such an abundance of wild edibles right in Chicago?!? If I ever got lost in the woods, I'd want Dave on my team. Also big thanks to Fjallraven for being nice enough to host a Meetup spot and provide those awesome chips and guac! A 5 star event all the way around!
- Robert

Ferry Forest Garden

I love everything you're doing... so important. For just one specific: So good to see the Ferry Forest Garden project. I hope it is replicated many times over. I've known of greenbelts and various preserves, but don't recall this kind of approach to a "community garden", and one that is fully public. Here in SoCal, and my city specifically, many homeowners have installed native (or similar) semi-arid plant landscapes which need little or no irrigation, replacing water-wasting lawns. But they could take an additional step and include some with edible fruit and enjoy that as well. So I hope many others (especially municipalities) consult you on what they might do.
- Howard Pepper

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