Gift of Gratitude & Knowledge


Take advantage of our Gift of Gratitude and Gift of Knowledge to save on 2018 courses! Register for any of our 2018 courses - Permaculture Forest Gardener, Edible Wild Plants Certificate, Bioregional Herbalism, or Advanced Bioregional Herbalism and save with one or both Gifts! When you register before December 5th you'll save an additional $25.


Group Volunteer Opportunities

We have a unique group volunteer service experience!
Volunteer to be Forest Garden Friends to support Growing Food Security!

This is an opportunity for volunteers to learn about permaculture forest gardens to restore ecosystems, grow food for people and animals, and create nourishing community spaces that build resilience.

Roll up your sleeves and come make a positive, immediate and resilient contribution to your community. Volunteers will remove plants, build arbors, harvest edibles, water, plant, install pathways and signage, dispose of trash, and engage in other permaculture focused activities.


My Permaculture Journey

Hi! I’m Susan. I’m an educator, a lifelong learner, and a newbie on the permaculture scene. I’m passionate about learning and discovering new and exciting outlets for my insatiable need for knowledge. In the past, I have taught myself how to bake pies, how to crochet (and then knit), and once took a disastrous foray into sewing. In my pursuit to live a greener life and to be more mindful, I’ve begun making my own body care and bath products and enjoy reading books about trees, bees, and birds.


Be a Permaculture Forest Gardener

During the summer of 2016, we hosted several suburban permaculture garden tours to demonstrate how individuals are transforming their lawns into permaculture forest gardens and to inspire the development of new permaculture forest gardens. Our new Permaculture Forest Gardener Series takes the tours to the next level. Join us in 2017 to learn the steps to begin growing your own forest garden.

The Permaculture Forest Gardener Series begins in February and is taught one Sunday a month. Over the course of eight months, students will experience in-class and hands-on time learning: