Be a Part of the New Food System

Be a Part of the New Food System

Planting a fruit tree guild in your home landscape, at your business, child's school, church, or community garden, is one way you can grow food security, reconnect to nature, reconnect to where your food comes from, and support a new food system.

As a permaculture organization we adhere to the ethics of care of earth, care of people and fair share which is why we are devoted to encouraging the development of a new food system that follows permaculture ethics and principles. We can feed all people within a community with nourishing, fresh, diverse food. We can grow our local economy, too, by providing local business opportunities for designers, growers, foragers, processors, and vendors.

The Resiliency Institute has been engaged with a DuPage County coalition focused on addressing food security. We see food security as a community problem for which DuPage County is not prepared. Not only do we have people living in the county who don't have dependable access to fresh, nourishing food due to financial, health, or other reasons, but our populations' reliance on globally supplied grocery stores is also a form of food insecurity. Establishing a local and regional food system that can feed our community is true food security. It is our goal to participate in the designing of a new food system that feeds ALL people with affordable, nourishing food while regenerating our ecosystem and ensuring an abundant food future for successive generations.



While this work is happening we'd like to get some food growing. Perennials take time. You know the saying, "The first year they sleep, the second year they creep and the third year they leap!"

Hopefully you were able to attend one of the events we exhibited at during Earth Week and Arbor Day weekend to pick up our Grow a Fruit Tree Guild brochure, check out our awesome fruit tree guild poster, and learn more about our Growing Food Security Program that focuses on growing fruit tree guilds and edible forest gardens on private and public land to make nourishing food accessible to anyone.

Volunteer forest gardens

Did you happen to visit Jodi and volunteers
at the Ron Ory Community Garden Plots on Thursday, April 26th
and the Naperville Municipal Center on Saturday, April 28th
to watch and learn as they planted two fruit tree guilds?

Both of these fruit tree guilds grow food for anyone to harvest and enjoy. They also educate visitors about perennial edible gardening
modeled after a woodland ecosystem designed to feed people, pollinators, and wildlife; nourish the soil and air; and feed future generations.

Now that we've provided all this education, it's time to get your hands dirty and plant some food! Come out to McDonald Farm on May 12th to get your permaculture plants! We'll have a variety of edible and medicinal trees, shrubs, vines, herbaceous and ground cover plants. Design and grow your own fruit tree guild or simply add some edibles into your existing landscape.
 The Conservation Foundation and Green Earth Institute will also be selling native plants and organic vegetable seedlings from 8-1. This is a family friendly event with tours and activities. We look forward to seeing you there with wagons in tow!