Gift of Gratitude & Knowledge

Take advantage of our Gift of Gratitude and Gift of Knowledge to save on 2018 courses! Register for any of our 2018 courses - Permaculture Forest Gardener, Edible Wild Plants Certificate, Bioregional Herbalism, or Advanced Bioregional Herbalism and save with one or both Gifts! When you register before December 5th you'll save an additional $25.


The Gift of Gratitude

  • Save $75 off registration for any 2018 course
  • Perform a Random Act of Kindness or Connect with Nature
  • Post a photo representing the act or connection and share what you noticed about your experience to The Resiliency Institute Facebook page.
  • We'll send you a $75 off code for any of our four 2018 courses.


Nature Connection Sample Facebook Post


 "My body and mind were soothed by the sounds of the leaves and branches moving in the breeze, the smells of the fallen leaves, and the nurturing energy of the earth and trees. What a joy to slow down and take pleasure in the small simple things like an acorn, leaves and their changing colors, or the different bark patterns of the trees.

Random Act of Kindness Sample Facebook Post


"My heart was filled with joy and love as I made this note and thought about how this small gesture of kindness would bring a smile and a bit of joy into someone's life."

Gift of Knowledge

crowdfunding gift of knowledge the resiliency institute Designed by iconicbestiary / Freepik

This year ask friends and family to Crowdfund your 2018 course! Friends and Family can click our Crowdfunding link to make an online Paypal donation or an offline check donation in your name to fund your education.

In return for making a donation toward your education, you can offer to gift them something with your new knowledge. If you're taking Edible Wild Plants, then offer to prepare a foraged recipe or tea. For Bioregional Herbalism make them an herbal infusion, salve or tincture, and for Permaculture Forest Gardener help them design a garden or water harvesting swale.

We make it easy with an online donation link. Share!