Dubai Visitors!


What a surprise on Saturday when two of our students for the Let's Make Soap class revealed they had timed their visit from Dubai just to take this class!

Promila and Sapna Naroola are an entrepreneurial mother and daughter team working to grow their soap making business back home.  They were having difficulty finding all of the raw materials to make soap and were researching alternative soap making options when they found The Resiliency Institute. As it turns out, it was truly fortunate for them that not only did they have a son/brother who was kind enough to enroll them in the program, but that he lives in Lemont, IL, just 20 minutes from The Resiliency Institute.


Luckily, our knowledgeable instructor Jill Niewoehner of MamaGrows was able to enlighten them with some wonderful information, that although they were unable to find lye in Dubai, which is used in most soap recipes, they should look for “caustic soda” which is another common name for lye.  To Promila and Sapna's dismay, they did in fact have a readily accessible supply of caustic soda back home!

Now that they have completed the weekend course and know where to purchase caustic soap, they are ready to grow their Dubai business and support their community with beautiful handmade and felted soaps.

This is just one more example of the impact TRI has had, and exactly the reason why we recruit, employ and value highly qualified and experienced instructors. We understand the importance of quality experience, as well as the ability to effectively share and teach the knowledge and skills our students come to learn.  Our goal is for students to leave class with the confidence to practice the skills they learn and then share them in their community. We are proud to have provided just such an experience for the Naroolas.

We are excited that our small nonprofit organization is having a global impact by empowering others to build a strong, resilient world!