Linda Conroy Weekend Courses

Linda Conroy_TRI_Burdock
Linda Conroy teaching The Resiliency Institute Herbal Remedy Making class about burdock.

Linda Conroy, founder of Moonwise Herbs, is a bioregional herbalist with 20 years of experience.  Bioregional herbalism believes in using plants that grow in your own region for healing, rather than subscribing to popular herbalism which recommends remedies made from plants all over the world.  Linda offers this example, "If I have a fungal infection popular herbalism suggests I reach for Tea Tree oil and I remind myself that it comes from Australia. What resources does it take to bottle that herb and transport it to me? Now wisdom tells me that the people who lived on this continent had all the medicines they needed, so that leads me to look for an anti- fungal herb in my backyard. And so I reach for Red Cedar (Thuja plicata). I can make a strong infusion, a tincture or an oil with minimal impact to the planet."

As a former Registered Aromatherapist, I was trained to use essential oils from plants that were grown in specific climates and under specific situations to ensure the essential oil had the chemical composition appropriate for the remedy.  Since learning about and practicing permaculture, I still had not made the transition away from using these global products. I am grateful to Linda for enlightening me to this disconnect and look forward to transitioning to remedies made from local plants.

Linda has so much wisdom to share and we look forward to hosting her again in 2014 to teach 3 weekend courses.

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