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Take advantage of our Gift of Gratitude and Gift of Knowledge to save on 2018 courses! Register for any of our 2018 courses - Permaculture Forest Gardener, Edible Wild Plants Certificate, Bioregional Herbalism, or Advanced Bioregional Herbalism and save with one or both Gifts! When you register before December 5th you'll save an additional $25.


3 Weekend PDC Begins Oct 22, 2015

The Resiliency Institute is offering a Permaculture Design Course beginning October 22, 2015 that will follow a 3 weekend (4-4-3) commuter style format to accommodate working adults and caregivers enabling them to be home with their families each evening and spreading the learning over a 4 week period.  REGISTER NOW!

The philosophy within permaculture is one of working with rather than against nature, and of protracted and thoughtful observation. Permaculture design techniques encourage land use that integrates principles of ecology and applies lessons from nature. It teaches us to create settings and construct ecosystems that have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. It also teaches us to allow natural and designed ecosystems to demonstrate their own evolutions.  Permaculture teaches us how to build natural homes, grow food, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, catch and store rainwater, build communities, and utilize waste all while reducing work and maintenance, and creating abundance.