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Take advantage of our Gift of Gratitude and Gift of Knowledge to save on 2018 courses! Register for any of our 2018 courses - Permaculture Forest Gardener, Edible Wild Plants Certificate, Bioregional Herbalism, or Advanced Bioregional Herbalism and save with one or both Gifts! When you register before December 5th you'll save an additional $25.


What is Health & Is Herbalism your AHA

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What is health and where does it come from? Mainstream media makes you believe health comes from a pill, miracle food, or the latest exercise fad. But can those things really bring you health? According to the Constitution of the World Health Organization, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 


Mountain Rose Herbs Scholarship

Mountain Rose Herbs logoMountain Rose Herbs has generously sponsored a full scholarship for one person to participate in The Resiliency Institute Biorgeional Herbalism Certificate course in 2015! The $1450 Mountain Rose Herbs scholarship will be awarded to an applicant who demonstrates financial need and presents a plan for using knowledge gained to positively impact her community. Applications are due by December 5, 2014, so APPLY NOW.

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Please take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to learn bioregional herbalism from a gifted instructor, located on an organic farm, and offered in a format that makes learning while working possible. Click here for full course details.

Announcing Bioregional Herbalism Certificate Course

The Resiliency Institute Bioregional Herbalism Certification Course
The Resiliency Institute is excited to announce our
2015 Bioregional Herbalism Certificate Course

The course will be taught by Linda Conroy, founder of Moonwise Herbs and the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference. We have had the pleasure of hosting Linda Conroy for several weekend workshops in 2013 and 2014 and have enjoyed her energy, teaching style, and wealth of knowledge. It is with much excitement that we invite Linda back in 2015 to teach a Bioregional Herbalism Certificate Course.

The TRI Bioregional Herbalism Certificate Course will focus on teaching students how to incorporate herbs into their daily life to promote health and to develop the skills to use herbs for everyday ailments and injuries. Students will be led on plant walks where they will learn to identify and harvest herbs seasonally for food and medicine. In the classroom, students will be guided through the process of transforming plants into herbal preparations. Each weekend includes instruction, plant walks, hands on projects, snacks and time to reflect and ask questions.

The course will meet one weekend a month for eight months beginning March 14th and ending October 18th.  Click here for full course details.

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The Resiliency Institute Bioregional Herbalism Certification Course