Build Resilience through Nature Connection

Observe and Interact

The primary intention of The Resiliency Institute is building resilience at the individual and community level through nature connection.  Permaculture design is based on the functions of natural systems and by developing a deep understanding of these functions one can create resilient systems.  Resilience is your “bounce back factor” (Brene Brown) – it is your ability to cope with and recover from stress and adversity.  One well-researched way to build resilience at the individual level is through mindfulness. 


A Walk in the Woods – Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy walk at Morton Arboretum
Forest Therapy walk at Morton Arboretum. Click image to watch a video.

“As I move slowly through the forest I notice the leaves of jewelweed whirling in different directions in the cool, sweet breeze; small bees flying, landing on a flower, drinking nectar, then flying to the next flower; the busy ants working together to carry various loads to their destination; a blue jay welcome call…”

“I notice that in the beginning I have to consciously slow myself down, that my mind and body are adjusting to a new pace. As the walk continues, my pace has adjusted, my mind and body have slowed down, and I feel so relaxed and happy that I don’t want the walk to end.”  ~ Michelle Hickey

Jodi Trendler and I participated in Forest Therapy Guide training in June at the Morton Arboretum under the guidance of Amos Clifford and Maria Buitenhaus of the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy. The Resiliency Institute will be offering Forest Therapy walks this summer and fall and invites you to enjoy a walk in the woods to reduce your stress, connect with nature, and have new experiences.

To RSVP for a Forest Therapy walk, visit our course calendar.