Edible Forest Garden Dedication May 7th

The Resiliency Institute invites you to join us in CELEBRATING the dedication of the Whole Foods Market Edible Forest Garden, the FIRST public forest garden and Growing Food Security project in Naperville!

Come out to the dedication on May 7th of the Whole Foods Market Edible Forest Garden and take a tour where you can learn how to begin incorporating permaculture design into your own life and landscape. Meet the many volunteers, boy scouts, organizations and businesses who made this project possible and join us in extending our appreciation. Buy some plants to begin transforming your own landscape and sample some wild edible treats. Everyone is invited to attend to see what the power of community can build!


It all begins with a Fruit Tree Guild

Pesticide LawnNow that the weather is warming up people are coming out of hibernation and beginning to spruce up their landscapes, mow lawns, fertilize, and start their annual vegetable gardens. Have you ever thought about our societies addiction to lawn and yard work?  Maybe not, because a lot of marketing goes into maintaining this status quo and encouraging you to keep the $74 billion lawn care industry funded.  Of course this addiction is also keeping the oil, natural gas, chemical, and manufacturing companies in business.


Forest GardenThere are a lot of statistics out there from the EPA and other environmental groups about our societies lawn problem, but what solutions are being offered beyond using resources more responsibly?  Well, we have a solution for you, plant an edible forest garden!