Edible Forest Garden Dedication May 7th

The Resiliency Institute invites you to join us in CELEBRATING the dedication of the Whole Foods Market Edible Forest Garden, the FIRST public forest garden and Growing Food Security project in Naperville!

Come out to the dedication on May 7th of the Whole Foods Market Edible Forest Garden and take a tour where you can learn how to begin incorporating permaculture design into your own life and landscape. Meet the many volunteers, boy scouts, organizations and businesses who made this project possible and join us in extending our appreciation. Buy some plants to begin transforming your own landscape and sample some wild edible treats. Everyone is invited to attend to see what the power of community can build!


Be a Permie Hero

Join the Permie Heroes

working to grow food security in the Chicago suburbs

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They are ready to transform thousands of acres of lawn and underutilized land into edible forest gardens filled with organic, nourishing fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains, and herbs. 


Permie Powers Activate

Permie Powers Activate_Cast_TRIpermaculture_wActivate your PERMIE POWERS to help us build a demonstration edible forest garden that will inspire property owners to replace their lawns with perennial food systems at their homes, schools, churches, places of work, or municipalities.

Replacing underutilized land with edible food forests will grow a local food system where everyone has access to local, healthy, organic, nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. People will experience the taste of fresh picked produce and reconnect with where food comes from. A scarcity mindset will be replaced with one of abundance and sharing.

Visit our Indiegogo campaign and become a PERMIE HERO by making a donation!

PERMABLITZ May 21 & 22

Permablitz TRI Edible Forest GardenMay 21st and May 22nd
anytime between 4 pm and 7 pm
TRI Edible Forest Garden


Permablitz events are opportunities for new PDC graduates and others interested in permaculture to gain hands on experience with instruction and guidance.  These events are also wonderful opportunities to meet like minded people and grow our permaculture community.


The Resiliency Institute Edible Forest Garden will teach people how permaculture design can be used to transform suburban lawns into edible paradises. People will come here to taste the fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs; learn about new varieties of plants; observe how water is captured, slowed, and stored; interact with nature; and delight at the many animals and insects that make their homes here.