North American Permaculture Convergence

TRI Sponsors NAPC 2014   Click to view slideshow

Jodi and I enjoyed our weekend at the North American Permaculture Convergence. Thanks to all of the support we have received from the TRI community we were able to sponsor this inaugural event and finally meet many of the permaculture "elders" like Michael Pilarski, Jude Hobbs, Penny Livingston, Scott Pittman, Will Hooker, Toby Hemenway, Jillian Hovey, Peter Bane, Wayne Weiseman, and Sandy Cruz.


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working to grow food security in the Chicago suburbs

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They are ready to transform thousands of acres of lawn and underutilized land into edible forest gardens filled with organic, nourishing fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains, and herbs. 


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Permie Powers Activate_Cast_TRIpermaculture_wActivate your PERMIE POWERS to help us build a demonstration edible forest garden that will inspire property owners to replace their lawns with perennial food systems at their homes, schools, churches, places of work, or municipalities.

Replacing underutilized land with edible food forests will grow a local food system where everyone has access to local, healthy, organic, nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. People will experience the taste of fresh picked produce and reconnect with where food comes from. A scarcity mindset will be replaced with one of abundance and sharing.

Visit our Indiegogo campaign and become a PERMIE HERO by making a donation!

Congratulations TRI PDC graduates!

The Midwest is now home to 13 new Permaculture Designers!

The Resiliency Institute Spring 2014 PDC Graduates with Peter Bane, Keith Johnson and Rhonda Baird
The Resiliency Institute Spring 2014 PDC Graduates with Peter Bane, Keith Johnson and Rhonda Baird

For three long weekends in March and April, The Resiliency Institute hosted its first Permaculture Design Course taught by Peter Baine, Rhonda Baird and Keith Johnson. This was an amazing experience from beginning to end. The group dynamics were nourishing and friendly and working with Peter, Rhonda and Keith was fabulous.  The best testament to the quality of this PDC was the final design presentations given by the 4 groups.  Jodi and I were blown away. The design projects were all located on our site, The Conservation Foundation's McDonald Farm, and opened our eyes to the permaculture possibilities that exist here. They shared ideas and well considered designs that showed us a new way of looking at the farm.  We are so grateful for this experience and look forward to following everyone's progress and inviting them back to bring some of their designs to life.

TRI Spring 2014 PDC Graduates with Certificates
TRI Spring 2014 PDC Graduates with Certificates

On Sunday, April 27th students wrapped up their final weekend at The Resiliency Institute holding their well earned Permaculture Design Certificates!